Wisdom of Great Investors

Hi Everyone,

With the events of this morning, and the continued market volatility, we wanted to provide the following link to a Davis Funds interactive article on investment advice from some of history’s greatest minds. There are various sub-articles within the direct link as well. This is a piece we have sent before, and we believe it provides great value in times of market turbulence.


As we have discussed, in both our review meetings with each of you, and various e-mails, we have been planning for this downturn but it is, of course, still very uncomfortable to live through. As always, we are here to answer any questions or to discuss strategy with you. Please remember that we have multiple years, of your monthly retirement income or other financial needs, set aside in a protected income bucket within your portfolio.

Please let us any of us know if you need anything at all.


Heather, Jack, Nick, Loyd, Isamu & Tori

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